Vegerville Paint Protection

Who Needs It?

Honestly? Everyone needs paint protection! Whether you drive your vehicle daily or park it for days at a time, it is exposed to all manner of risks that can damage your vehicle’s factory finish.
Routine driving exposes your finish to gravel sand, road salts, stones and other road debris. When your vehicle is parked, it is exposed to damage from bird-droppings, tree sap, freeze/thaw cycles, air pollutants, and acid rain.
If this damage is not repaired, your vehicle will begin to look older than its years as the underlying sheet metal is exposed and corrosion takes its toll. At that point, repairs become very costly.

It only makes sense to find protection options for your vehicle to ensure a good resale value and avoid costly repairs in the future. Don’t you agree?

So, What Are Your Paint Protection Options?

As you will soon learn, there are numberless paint protection options in the marketplace. It is to know which ones are viable and which ones are a waste of hard-earned money. Canada PDR in Vegerville can help!

The fact is, there are just two great options in paint protection. They are 1) paint protection film (PPF), and 2) ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film Explained

Paint protection film is ultra-thin, nearly invisible urethane film that chemically bonds to your vehicle’s exterior finish upon application. It sits atop the paint layer, protecting your car from the physical hazards that cause chipping and scratches.

The principal manufacturer of PPF products available in Vegerville, Alberta, are 3M and XPEL. Both XPEL Ultimate and 3M Paint Protection films are self-repairing, which ensures that even if road debris pierces the film, the material restores itself.
The primary benefit of using paint protection film is that in most cases it is easy to install, making it suitable for the DIY crowd. It safeguards your vehicle from physical damage and carries a life-time warranty.

Ceramic Coatings Explained

These are liquid polymers that form a chemical bond with your vehicle’s paint. Unlike PPF products, they require professional application. When dried, the coating forms a hydrophobic layer that sheds water and prevents grease, dirt, and grime from adhering to your vehicle’s finish. Most people are attracted to ceramic coatings because of its high candy-gloss shine and the ease of maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle’s exterior finish.

Ceramic coatings provide robust protection against UV fading, staining, bird-droppings, acid rain, etc.

Which One Do I Choose?

Both choices offer unique protections. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have both options? Well, you can! These options are not mutually exclusive. They can, in fact, work extremely well together, providing you every level of protection.

The Vegerville Combo Package

With the Canada PDR Combo Protection Package, our skilled technicians first apply the paint protection film on the vulnerable components of your vehicle. These are the hood, fenders, rocker panels, front-bumper, and wheel opening arches.

This is followed by professional application of the ceramic coating, including its application over the PPF. The result is a vehicle that can handle all that nature and the road may sends it way.

Just include some window tinting, and you will be the talk of Vegerville.

Get the very best Paint Protection in Vegerville, Alberta

Connect with PDR Canada in Vegerville to get the Combo Pack and a lifetime warranty. We provide world-class customer service, and referrals to professional window tinting services and steam cleaning professionals.
Why not contact your Vegerville Paint Protection Specialists by email or telephone and get the ball rolling? Just leave your name and email address, and we’ll get back to you right away!
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