Sylvan Lake PDR Training

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a method of removing dents, dings, and creases using no filler, sanding, priming or painting. The method returns the underlying metal to its original shape and does not disturb, alter or harm the vehicle’s original finish.

It is an efficient and affordable method compared to old-fashioned repair techniques that is rapidly gaining popularity with consumers. This exploding popularity is also creating a demand for PDR technicians.

The PDR Process

PDR is performed by highly trained technicians, skilled in using specialized tools and proprietary techniques to eliminate dents, dings or creases. They first assess the damage to determine that it is a suitable candidate for PDR. This is followed by accessing the reverse side of the damage, often requiring the removal or door panels, taillights, or other components that block access to the damaged area. The PDR technician then selects the tools needed to effect the repair and plans the approach. Lastly, the repair is completed.

Why Do You Need a Training Course?

While Sylvan Lake authorities do not mandate licensing for PDR, customers will want to feel comfortable with your skills and experience before leaving their vehicle in your care.

PDR training is indispensable. It not only shows your customer that you are qualified to work on their vehicle, a comprehensive training program ensures you gain the skills and experience to meet their needs and expectations.

Paintless Dent Repair Training Is Available to Sylvan Lake

There’s no need to trek across the country. PDR Canada offers training to Sylvan Lake. This makes it possible for you to learn PDR without a major disruption in your lifestyle.

How Do I Choose a Training Program?

The first word of advice is to avoid making your decision based on cost. Remember the adage, “You get what you pay for.” In short, don’t let price be your primary consideration, whether low or high. High tuition fees do not guarantee that you are going to receive outstanding training either.

Instead, focus on the program’s deliverables. For example, do they offer small class sizes, do they provide personalized training, are their instructors well-trained, experienced, and approachable, do they offer hands-on experience with a variety of vehicle makes and models, do they have the latest tools and techniques and do they offer training on the business aspects of PDR such as customer service and dealing with insurance companies?

Choose PDR Canada!

PDR Canada is a leader in PDR training, meeting all the requirements outlined earlier. We are one of only a few that keep data on our alumni so that we can show you how our training has impacted the careers and earnings of former students.

With your PDR Canada training program, you learn the art and science of PDR through an intensive training program that provides hands-on experience on a range of vehicle makes, models and metals. You will also gain experience through the use of PDR Canada’s enormous database of previous repairs. This data driven, computerized approach allows our students to experience the broadest possible range of vehicle repairs. In short, PRD Canada’s training program is second to none!

Why not call us today and start your journey toward a highly rewarding career?

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