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PDR? What is that!

PDR is an acronym for paintless dent repair, which is a revolutionary method for the repair of small to medium-sized dents, dings and creases that plague vehicle owners daily.

Before PDR became widely available, vehicle owners were reluctant to spend the hefty sums requested by traditional shops to repair this damage. It is difficult to justify this expense for damage that can be covered with your thumb!

However, PDR makes it possible to do these repairs for much less! Not only is PDR less costly, it is also fast compared to traditional methods. Instead of your vehicle being tied up for days, it is now only hours. For these reasons, demand for PDR has skyrocketed! Service demands are rapidly exceeding the PDR industry’s ability to cope—there aren’t enough trained technicians!

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a method of removing minor dents and dings from the body of a motor vehicle, airplane, helicopter or similar vehicle that has metal, aluminum or alloy panels. There are many paintless dent repair methods, all of which are considered PDR as long as the original painted surface remains intact.

How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

The PDR process is essentially a four-step process. First, the damage is assessed to determine if PDR is a suitable solution for the damage. Not all dents, dings and creases can be repaired using this method. Then, any panels or components blocking access to the reverse side of the dent must be removed. This may involve tail lights, interior door panels, etc. Next, the PDR technician selects the proper high-end tools needed to do the job and formulates a plan to repair the damage. Lastly, the PDR technician repairs the dent, ding or crease.

The Advantages of PDR

Paintless dent repair is almost always the least costly method available to make repairs to small dents, dings and creases. Moreover, the procedure is faster than a traditional repair, so the vehicle owner is not inconvenienced for days—only hours. PDR is eco-friendly, using no fillers, thinners, primers or paint. PDR preserves the vehicle’s resale and/or trade-in value because the original factory finished is untouched in the process. Most times, this alone more than pays for the cost of repair!

PDR Training Is Now Available to Stony Plain, Alberta

PDR Canada is offering those aspiring to a career as a PDR technician, a local, comprehensive training program that equips you with the skill set and hands-on experience needed to succeed and thrive in this exciting field, including skills on PDR’s business side, such as customer service and dealing with insurers.

Why Not Sign Up?

PDR Canada is a leading provider of PDR training, and we will put you on the pathway to higher earnings, stable income, and a bright future.
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