Stoney Plain Paint Protection

Looking after your vehicle is about more than just taking it in for its yearly checkup. Vehicles are exposed to gradual damage on the road, such as street debris, gravel, and other hazards that cause nicks and scratches in your paint finish. These accumulate, and left unattended, will eventually lead to the exposure of the underlying metal. That’s when corrosion sets in.

If you want to safeguard your vehicle, maintain a respectable resale value, and enjoy the pleasures of owning a good looking vehicle, you will need to look into protections options.

What Are Your Choices in Stoney Plain?

As you search, for paint protection don’t be surprised if you get overwhelmed by the huge variety of manufacturers and product options in the marketplace.

Frankly, there are just two preferred options:

  • Paint protection film (PPF)
  • Ceramic coating

Unsure of the difference between the two? Read the following brief guide that explains the vehicle paint protection options available in Stoney Plain.

Paint Protection Film

PPF is a thin urethane film that bonds to your vehicle’s exterior finish. It is applied to the vulnerable components of the vehicle’s exterior, which include the hood, front bumper, wheel wells, and rocker panels.

PPF supplies an additional layer of protection from:

  • Swirl marks
  • Scratches
  • Chipping
  • Staining

PPF is very popular because it is relatively easy to apply and the job can be handled by do-it-yourselfers in most cases. However, installation can range from easy to extremely difficult, so do your due diligence! You can also call the experts at PDF Canada right here in Stony Plain.

The most popular films in Stoney Plain include:

  • XPEL Ultimate
  • 3M Pro
  • 3M Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is a hydrophobic polymer that bonds chemically with your vehicle’s finish. It sheds water, making it really tough for gunk, grease, and dirt to to the finish. Ceramic coatings feature properties that keep your vehicle cleaner for longer.

When it comes time to clean your car, you will be pleasantly surprised as the dirt effortlessly slips away. Many Stoney Plain, AB locals find themselves using less water, soap, and effort to get their automobiles clean thanks to their vehicle’s ceramic coating.

If you want a ceramic coating, you can’t go wrong with Opti-Coat Pro+.

Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating

Both options provide unique benefits The easiest way to explain the difference between paint protection film sand ceramic coating is by pointing out that PPF protects against physical damage, while ceramic coatings protect against chemical and UV light hazards.

Both are well-suited to safeguard your paint from damage, but each option offers a unique set of protections. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use both options together? Guess what? You can!

Paint protection film and ceramic coating products are not mutually exclusive. Since you can install both to the same area, you get the benefit of XPEL security or 3M paint protection and enjoy the full spectrum of protection for your vehicle.

PDR Canada offers several plans that integrate the strengths of PPF and ceramic coatings.

How Does This Work?

The process is very straightforward. We start by installing the PPF. Our skilled technicians will apply the PPF to the vulnerable components of your vehicle’s exterior, which include the hood, fenders, wheel arches, front bumper, and rocker panels.

Following the PPF installation, our professional staff applies the ceramic coat to your entire vehicle, including the components with PPF. The ceramic coating bonds to your vehicle’s paint, and to the film protection layer.

This hybrid solution enhances your vehicle’s appearance and ensures it stays beautiful for many years to come.

Deal with the Very Best in Stoney Plain, AB

If you are interested in pursuing this hybrid option, get in touch with PDR Canada. We provide a wide range of high-quality auto body services in Stoney Plain, including the hybrid protection option described above.

We keep XPEL Ultimate, 3M Pro, and other high-end PPF products in stock. These come with outstanding manufacturer’s warranty. We also provide window tinting and can help you arrange financing.

Contact us to find out why we’re the very best in business!

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