Spruce Grove PDR Training

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a vehicle body repair technique for minor dent and dings such as those caused by hail damage and shopping cart accidents. Public interest in this innovative technique is exploding because repairs can be made cost effectively and quickly, unlike traditional repairs. Customers appreciate that the resale and/or trade-in value is preserved, since the original factory finish isn’t touched.

The PDR Process

PDR is an innovative 4-step process that begins with an assessment of the damage by a PDR technician. Not every dent or ding is a suitable candidate for PDR. Once the technician has made the assessment, any components that restrict access to the reverse side of the dent are removed. This may include tail lights or door panels. Having gained access, the technician determines which specialized tools will be required for the work. Last, after careful planning, the repair is made.

While this may sound simple, significant training and experience are needed.

So, You Need a Training Course?

Official licensing for paintless dent repair services is not a government requirement in Spruce Grove, however, vehicle owners will want to see that you have some accreditation and experience before placing their vehicle in your care.

How to Choose Your Paintless Dent Repair Training Provider

The good news is that you needn’t trek halfway across Canada to receive superb training. Canada PDR offers training programs that are readily available to nearby residents of Spruce Grove, so you can complete your PDR training and continue your present job.

Naturally, we hold the view that Canada PDR offers the very best comprehensive training for those interested in mastering the craft of PDR. After all, we have instructors with over a decade of real-world experience; we offer small class sizes and personalized attention; we provide our students with a wealth of hands-on learning experience, and our training covers a wide range of vehicle makes and models. This provides our students with experience on steel and aluminum body parts.

What You Should Not Look For

Of all the strategies you might use to select your PDR training program, last on the list is cost. If you turn to the least expensive training provider in the market place, there is a high probability that you are going to get what you paid for—not much!

If you have ambitions to work for a reputable firm, or start your own PDR service, you need the comprehensive training Canada PDR provides. First-rate service can only result from first-class training.

Pick PDR Canada

PDR Canada provides its students with premium tools and the genuine opportunity to learn the art and science of PDR. We keep data on previous students so that you can see, first hand, how PDR’s training translates into successful careers.

So, why not call us today and begin your journey to success?

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