Paintless Dent Repair, Cochrane, AB

Is your car at risk for automotive damage in Cochrane? Hail damage and door dings make up most vehicle damage we repair at PDR Canada.

Fortunately, we can remove all the dents and dings on your car without repainting. We have over two decades in the industry, which provides our firm with extensive experience in dent and ding restorations. Our team uses industry-leading and unique tools so that with our help, your vehicle will look brand new!

Cochrane, AB, Large Dent Repair

PDR Canada has a wide variety of expertise and we offer high-quality auto body repair services on all vehicle types: cars, trucks, motorcycles, and SUVs.

Paintless ding removal comprises massaging out unsightly dings using specialized equipment that does not affect the original factory finish. It’s the best way to restore your car’s appearance without having to repaint it.

The Paintless Dent Repair Process

When we repair dent and hail damage, we follow a proven process to ensure the best results. Our paintless repair process comprises the following steps:

  1. We examine the vehicle to determine the location and severity of the dents
  2. As needed, we remove panels to access dents from the back side
  3. Then we select the appropriate tools
  4. Using the selected tools, our technicians to return the metal to its original contours

The Advantages of PDR

PDR keeps your factory finish intact. It ensures that your car’s original paint remains in place to protect its resale value and appearance for many years to come.
With PDR, you avoid the expense of paint, fillers, and other supplies, which makes this method cost-effective compared to traditional methods. We can complete this process in a short period, so you won’t have to go without a car for days.

Will PDR Work for My Car?

If you have a small (or large) dent with no paint damage, have your car repaired at a PDR Canada. We staff our facilities with trained professionals who specialize in repairing dents and leaving no paint damage.

We can also provide paintless ding removal as part of a collision repair package. So, even if your vehicle has severe damage and requires traditional auto body repair service, we can still assist you.

Contact PDR Canada Today

If you’re looking for quality customer service, reliability, on-time service, and expert repairs, contact PDR Canada. We’re here for you despite the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s no reason to delay! Get your car or truck back into shape today!
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