Leduc PDR Training

Daily driving or just parked overnight, your vehicle’s exterior is subject to hail damage and road damage. Most drivers are reluctant to fork over big bucks to repair a dent or ding the size of a quarter, and who can blame them! Traditional body repairs are costly and undermine the resale value of your vehicle. You pay twice! Once for the actual repair and again when you sell or trade-in your vehicle.

However, a non-traditional method to deal with small dents and dings is gaining in popularity. It is known as paintless dent repair, or PDR. It is cost effective and fast! So demand is skyrocketing.

A Quick Explanation of the PDR Method

The 4-step PDR method is straightforward:

  • The PDR technician assesses the damage.
  • Access to the reverse side of the damage is accomplished by removing panels and components that are in the way.
  • The technician determines which specialized tools to use for the repair and creates a plan to resolve the damage.
  • The technican completes the repair.

PDR Training Is Available to Leduc

Although straightforward, PDR requires a high level of skill which can only be gained through rigorous training.

If you want to cash-in on the enormous consumer demand for paintless dent repair, why not consider Canada PDR to meet your training needs?

We train our students in every aspect of PDR, including the proper use of state-of-the-art tools and the latest advances in industry techniques. Canada PDR students also receive personalized attention, the benefit of small class sizes, experienced instructors, opportunities to work on a broad range of vehicle makes and models, and access to a database that guides students through multiple repair scenarios that might otherwise take a lifetime to experience.

Unlike many of our competitors, Canada PDR also addresses the practical business side of PDR, such as customer service skills, and the delicate dance of interacting with insurers.

Canada PDR understands PDR is a mix of art and skill. Skills can be taught, but the art is only achieved through experience. Canada PDR provides its students both.

While the basic procedure of eliminating a damage might sound simple, getting a seamless finish

Watch Out for Low-Cost PDR Courses and Scammers!

With the rising demand for PDR training, come the inevitable charlatans, interested in parting you from your hard-earned cash, but not so interested in providing you with quality training.

There are more than a few PDR training courses in Canada, some of which are more trustworthy than others. Don’t make the mistake of choosing your PDR training on the sole basis of cost. You must also consider the quality of the training because that will have the greatest impact on your future earnings and your overall success as a PDR technician.

Put in the time. Do your research. We think you will find that Canada PDR training is second to none.

Why not call us today and see for yourself?

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