Gibbons PDR Training

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a repair strategy that fixes small dings, dents, and even hail damage without repainting. It is an economical way to restore a vehicle’s factory new appearance without investing a fortune. Understandably, it is becoming wildly popular with vehicle owners.

What’s the Process?

It’s very straightforward: A PDR trained technician assesses the damage to ensure that PDR is the right solution. Then the technician gains access to the reverse side of the damaged area, removing any components that stand in the way. Next, the technician determines which specialized tools will be needed and he plans his approach to the repair. The last step is to effect the repair.

The principal difficulty with PDR is getting your hand and tool to the dent without causing further damage. Canada PDR trained technicians have the advantage of access to our extensive database, which maintains data from hundreds of previous jobs to assist the technician in determining the perfect positioning for his specialized tools. This data-driven process is a Canada PDR exclusive.

Why Do You Need a Training Course?

While the authorities in Gibbons require no legal certification before offering paintless dent repair, potential customers will want to look at your certifications and experience before taking their vehicle into your business for repair.

An outstanding PDR course is important, particularly if it does more than train you how to use PDR tools. PDR is an art, and you will need to learn how each tool impacts various vehicle makes and models. This is key to producing factory finish outcomes.

If you want to guarantee customer satisfaction and survive in the market, get the best possible training! Naturally, we believe that means taking your training at Canada PDR!

The data shows that the best paid and most successful repair specialists take part in courses and stay current with the industry techniques and developments.

Choose the Very Best Paintless Dent Repair Training Available to Gibbons

Why trek halfway across halfway across Canada to gain your training? Why not enroll in our program and receive your PDR training while you work and earn?

Regardless of where you choose to receive your training, make certain you have done your due diligence. You should find out if their graduates are enjoying a successful career, if they are pleased with their experience, if class sizes were reasonable, and if they received adequate personal attention.

PDR Training Cost

PDR training costs are all over the map. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the one that is the cheapest. Opting for a low cost PDR training program could produce low-grade results.

The student’s primary consideration should be a program prepares you to work for high-end companies and that provide first-class service, small classes, and individual attention.

Or, Just Choose Canada PDR

We supply our students with comprehensive training using high-quality tools and the experience needed to learn the art and science of PDR. We also maintain a database on our alumni so that we can show you how our training has advanced their careers.

Call today to learn more about our PDR training and service.

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