Gibbons Paint Protection

Who Needs Paint Protection?

Whenever you drive your car, there’s a risk of exposure to various minor threats that can harm the paint layer.

Rock chips and sediments may wear out your paint on the front-end bumper, while others, like animal droppings or road salt, may trigger chemical paint damage.

Ultimately, these scratches and chips will develop, and your car may look older and less appealing than it should.

Your only choice to maintain your vehicle’s repair would involve auto detailing, which is time-consuming and expensive.

Whether you have a new vehicle or wish to enhance your car’s current market value, you’ll need to find a cost-effective and reliable method to maintain your vehicle’s condition.

Thankfully, brands like 3M, XPEL, and Clear Bra have extensive paint protection service options.

What Are My Vehicle Paint Protection Options?

Shopping around for paint protection methods might rapidly get you overloaded.

This is because there are a large number of products readily available on the market.

It may be tough to decide which ones are good for your automobile and which ones are a waste of time and money.

To simplify, the two most recommended methods to keep your car or truck looking like new are paint protection film and ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a practically unnoticeable urethane film that connects to your car’s exterior.

It sits on top of the paint layer, safeguarding your automobile from physical damage that causes paint chips. It also prevents chemicals from reaching the paint layer, which halts UV fading and discolorations.

The two major manufacturers of PPF available in Gibbons, Alberta, are 3M and XPEL. The two companies, XPEL Ultimate and 3M produce Paint Protection films that are self-healing. Their products also ensure that even if stone chips pierce through the film, the material will patch the hole over time. The primary benefit of using paint protection film is that it’s easy to have installed, and it safeguards your vehicle from chemical and physical damage.

Besides, it is relatively simple to eliminate when the time comes. Another advantage is that many brands provide a lifetime service warranty on their products.

3M and XPEL paint protection are available in pre-cut sheets. This way, they are easier to apply to your car or truck while at home. For this convenience, our most popular item is the 24″ bumper and hood protection sheets because anybody can handle the installation.

Ceramic Coatings

Which One to Use?

Unlike the paint protection film, a ceramic coating starts as a liquid polymer that binds to your vehicle’s paint.

The ceramic coating, therefore, requires a professional application.

When it dries, it forms a hydrophobic layer that will shed water and prevent dirt from accumulating on your automobile.

The majority of people find themselves cleaning their cars and trucks less frequently thanks to this coating.

Ceramic also features a layer of chemical defense and will prevent your automobile from fading or staining when exposed to UV or acidic components.

Which One to Buy?

It is important to understand that while both options offer outstanding protection, paint protection film and ceramic coats have varying uses.

The main purpose of a ceramic coat is to get the hydrophobic layer that keeps your vehicle clean.

However, since the layer of ceramic coating is thinner than paint protection film, it does not give the same damage defense.

You will require to set up a paint protection film if you desire to avoid damage such as chips and scratches.

Fortunately, the two are not mutually exclusive. You can use a ceramic coat and paint protection film to get the best of both products.

Our Combination Bundle for Every Gibbons Automobile

Our preferred paint protection strategy is to use a virtually unnoticeable, self-healing 3M paint protection urethane film on damage-prone sections of your vehicle.

These include the hood, fenders, rocker panels, and front-end bumper.

We then apply a protective layer of ceramic polymer over the 3M Paint Protection and the rest of the automobile.

The effect is a car that can handle small scratches, stand up to physical or chemical damage, is easy to clean, and looks fantastic.

All you have to do is add window tinting, and you will be the talk of Gibbons.

Get the very best Paint Protection in Gibbons, Alberta

To get the very best protection for your vehicle in Gibbons, contact PDR Canada.

Our coatings offer a lifetime guarantee to eliminate worry while enhancing reliability. While we generally deal with 3M and XPEL items, please contact us if you have a particular film brand or product in mind.

We prioritize consumer fulfillment and strive to provide the very best service possible. We also can connect you with other car services, such as window tinting and steam cleaning.

Contact your Gibbons PDR Canada representative through email or telephone to get started. Leave your name and email address, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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