Fort Saskatchewan Paint Protection

Who Should Get Paint Protection?

Whenever you drive your automobile, you expose it to various hazards that can harm the paint layer.

Items like rock chips will eat at your paint on the front-end bumper, while others, like animal droppings or ice-melting salt, will create chemical paint damage. Over time, these chips and scratches will build up, and your automobile will appear a lot aged and less attractive.

Your only option to fix this damage will involve car detailing, which is time-consuming and expensive.
Whether you have a new car or truck or desire to maintain your existing automobile’s worth, you’ll need to identify a budget-friendly and reliable way to safeguard your vehicle.

Thankfully, brand names like 3M, XPEL, and Clear Bra have detailed paint protection options that last.

What Are My Automotive Paint Protection Options?

If you start shopping around for methods to protect your paint, you may quickly feel overwhelmed with the many products available.

It is tough to identify which ones are great for your car and which ones are a waste of money.

The two most common methods to keep your car or truck looking pristine are paint protection film and ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coatings

Which One to Use?

A ceramic coating requires expert application because it starts as a liquid polymer that binds to your car or truck’s paint.

When it dries, the coating forms a hydrophobic layer that will shed water and prevent dirt from sticking to your automobile.
The majority of people discover themselves cleaning their automobiles less frequently thanks to this coating.

Ceramic also offers a chemical protection layer and will keep your car from fading or staining when exposed to UV or acidic components.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or PPF, is essentially an invisible urethane film that attaches to your automobile’s exterior.

It sits on top of the paint layer, safeguarding your automobile from physical impacts that cause paint chips.

The film also prevents chemicals from affecting the paint layer, stopping spots and UV fading in their tracks.

The two major producers of PPF available in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, are 3M and XPEL.
Both XPEL Ultimate and 3M Paint Protection films are self-repairing.

This implies that even if rock chips make it through the protective layer, the material will spot the hole gradually.
The primary advantage of a paint protection film is that it’s simple to have installed.
It also protects your vehicle from physical and chemical damage and is relatively simple to eliminate when the time comes.
The majority of brand names also offer a lifetime warranty on their products.
3M and XPEL paint protection come in pre-cut sheets for ease of use on the car or truck at home.

For this reason, our most popular item is the 24″ hood and bumper protection sheets because anybody can handle installing them.

Which One to Use?

It is essential to note that while both alternatives use exceptional defense, paint protection film and ceramic coats have various uses.

The primary reason to use a ceramic coat is to get the hydrophobic layer that keeps your automobile clean. Since a ceramic coating layer is much thinner than a paint protection film, it does not give you the same damage protection.

You will need to install paint protection film if you wish to avoid damages like chips and scratches.
Luckily, the two are not mutually exclusive to one another.
You can use a ceramic coat and paint protection film to get the best of both worlds.

Our Combo Package for every single Fort Saskatchewan car or truck

Our common paint protection technique is to apply a virtually unnoticeable, self-healing 3M paint protection urethane film on your vehicle’s damage-prone locations. These sections consist of the fenders, rocker panels, hood, and front-end bumper. We then use a premium layer of ceramic polymer over the 3M Paint Protection and the rest of the automobile.

The outcome is an automobile that can handle small scratches, hold up against physical or chemical damage, is easy to clean, and looks excellent.
Just add some window tinting, and your vehicle will be the talk of Fort Saskatchewan.

Get the very best Paint Protection in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

To get the finest protection for your car in Fort Saskatchewan,get in touch with PDR Canada.

Our protection options include a lifetime service warranty to provide reliability.

While we mainly work with 3M and XPEL items, We’re flexible to accommodate other film brands and products- don’t hesitate to call.

Our focus is on client satisfaction, and we desire every customer to get the very best service possible.
We also provide referrals for other car services, including window tinting and steam cleaning.

Contact your Fort Saskatchewan Paint Protection Specialist by email or telephone to get started.

Leave your name and email address, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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