Fort McMurray PDR Training

Hail damage, accidents, and day-to-day driving can damage a vehicle’s exterior paint finish, but very few clients want to pay for repairs. After all, why would you want to change a quarter panel if there is only a tiny ding in one area?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is changing those attitudes. This procedure, part art, part science, repairs this kind of damage by using specialized tools, unique skills, and data gathered from hundreds of similar repairs.

Paintless Dent Repair Training Available to Fort McMurray

Our PDR training is now open to interested residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our courses are critical for anybody aspiring to a career in this industry. The course teaches students how to use the specialized tools, and how to work as part of the PDR Canada team.

The level of experience our graduates receive makes them stand out in the industry. During our training program, our students are taught the ins and outs of the procedure, proper use of highly specialized tools, and are exposed to repair data on a broad range of vehicle makes and models, which will help them work more effectively and profitably.

The Repair Process

As a PDR technician, your very first challenge is gaining working access to the dent. Trainees must learn the best possible way to position their specialized tools in order to prevent further damage.

The process itself is straightforward:

  • Assess the damage
  • Gain access to the damage (you must work from the reverse side of the dent or ding)
  • Form a plan.
  • Expertly execute the plan using specialized tools to, for lack of better words, massage the dent back to its original contours.

As you can imagine, this takes effort and no small measure of artistic talent to develop these skills.

While the procedures may sound easy, be assured these skills are not acquired overnight. Students must practice with a wide variety of makes and models. Experience with multiple dent types is also gained throughout PDR’s training course. The best training programs will guarantee graduates have the skills they need to excel in their chosen profession, while providing exceptional customer service and stunning results.

Avoid Low-Cost PDR Courses

There are many PDR training courses available in Canada. As with you would expect, some are better than others. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a PDR training course solely based on cost. One must also consider the quality of the training and its effect on their future.

If you want to join the paintless dent repair business, take the time needed to do your research. Find a training service that uses high-end PDR tools and teaches you how to deal with any damage on any automobile body. Eventually, you will want to provide outstanding service to your customers, and the only way to do that is by repeatedly delivering high-end results.

Stay with paintless damage repair courses in Canada that offer personalized attention and promise small class sizes. Have a look at reviews of the course sponsor, as well as previous students’ work, to see how the course benefited their professional career.

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