Edson PDR Training

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an automobile body repair technique that fixes small damages like dings and hail damage.

All this is done without having to replace and repaint the vehicle body.

It is a budget-friendly way to restore a vehicle’s value without spending a fortune.

The cost-effectiveness makes this vehicle repair process progressively popular with vehicle owners.

The PDR Process

All businesses that offer PDR have their procedure to follow. The actions involve using specialized tools to remove dings and other small damages by tactically rubbing the metal back into its original position.

The process may consist of using hammers to get rid of the dent from the interior. The primary challenge with PDR is accessing the damage without causing more harm to the vehicle.

To minimize such occurrences, we have a data-driven process that analyzes numerous previous jobs to locate our tools’ ideal positioning.

Why Do You Need a Training Course?

While you do not need official credentials to offer paintless dent removal services in Edson, Canada, customers will typically consider your accreditations and experience before taking their car or truck into your shop for repair.

An exceptional PDR course is vital, specifically if it does more than teaching you how to utilize PDR tools.

PDR is an art, and you will have to understand how each tool can impact various vehicle designs to produce factory finish level results. If you want to ensure complete customer satisfaction and thrive in the industry, getting routine training is vital.

Although an introductory course is a great start, it’ll not get you brand recognition. Our training experience indicates that the best paid and most effective repair specialists participate in courses regularly. They also make an effort to keep up with the latest techniques, strategies and developments.

How to Choose the very best Paintless Dent Repair Training Available to Edson

Ideally, you do not want to travel many miles to Canada to learn how to use dent repair tools.

Luckily, there are numerous training courses readily available to Edson, which means that you can complete your PDR training and work simultaneously.


First, the PDR training team should practice what they preach.

Before signing up for a program, take time to evaluate the company’s bio, performance, and conduct thorough evaluations.

Ask yourself these questions;

  • Do they have an experienced service team?
  • Are their customers pleased with their experience?
  • Do their PDR results inspire you?

On top of this, please speak to the PDR instructors to see how they come across. These individuals will teach you; they need to be friendly, well-informed, and excited to pass on their knowledge and experience.

PDR Training Cost

Many people take a look at PDR training course expenses and select the cheapest. However, this is a classic error. Going with an affordable PDR training class may produce low-quality outcomes.

Affordable training is adequate to discover various PDR tools and other required equipment. However, it may not show you the values and techniques required to provide dent repairs.

If you want to work for a high-end business and provide world-class service, you require more extensive and individualized training.

Search for training companies that provide minimal theoretical knowledge and have much industry information about repairs on their page. If possible, search for their past trainees and gauge their success in the field.

Select PDR Canada

PDR Canada is a dent repair and PDR training company focusing on restoring a large selection of vehicles.

We supply our students with premium tools and help them get a feel for paintless damage repair on various vehicles.

We also keep data on our previous students to show how our training has advanced their dent repair careers. Call us today to learn more about our PDR training and service.

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