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Carrying out paintless dent repair (PDR) requires quality craftsmanship and a unique range skill set. If you are interested in pursuing a career in PDR, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the training offered by Canada PDR.
As an established body shop in Alberta, Canada, we use only industry-leading PDR tools combined with a comprehensive PDR training program. Our graduates have received the thorough training needed to repair virtually every dent and ding they encounter, including hail damage and advanced PDR repair work.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent repair is the art and science of removing dings and dents from a vehicle’s exterior body panels while protecting its original factory finish.

PDR services are suitable for all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and motorcycles. However, for a vehicle to be a candidate for PDR, the original paint should still be intact. PDR is ideal for repairing hail storm damage, shopping cart dings, and impacts from blunt objects.

If the paint finish is damaged or the dent has a diameter exceeding four inches, a traditional dent repair may be necessary. With traditional methods, body shops will sand, fill, prime and paint the panel.

How Does Paintless Dent Removal Work?

The PDR process is largely the same for the most common types of dent and ding damage. The PDR is rather straightforward, beginning with a damage assessment to establish that the dent or ding is a good candidate for the PDR method. Then, the technician will gain access to the reverse side of the damage, which often entails removing obstructing components. Next, the technician determines the specialized tools needed to effect the repair and plans his approach. The final step is the actual repair.

Canada PDR training deals extensively with the finer points of the procedure and the specialized tools needed to complete the job.

The Advantages of Paintless Dent Repairs

Unlike old-fashioned repairs, PDR is highly cost effective. These cost savings are made possible by the limited invasiveness of the procedure, and that no paint, primer, or fillers are needed. Labor time is also substantially shorter than a traditional repair. Because of these cost savings, PDR is a highly sought-after service. Customers who would not previously have considered repairing this type of damage are now flocking to our shops for the service.

Other benefits of PDR include preservation of the original finish, which enhances the vehicle’s resale value, the procedure is eco-friendly and it can be completed quickly compared to traditional body work. However, the repairs can only be accomplished by technicians with the right skill set and experience using the specialized tools that are required for this work. That’s where Canada PDR comes in.

Paintless Dent Repair Training is available to Edmonton

The comprehensive training program developed by Canada PDR, provides our students with training in every aspect of paintless dent repair, and also includes auto reconditioning, ceramic coating, and paint corrections. Our training also deals with the business side of PDR. For example, our students learn how to provide world-class customer service and how to navigate the complexities of working with insurance companies.

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The demand for PDR has reached unprecedented levels and continues to grow as more customers are referred daily by word-of-mouth. Mastering this skill can be very rewarding. Canada PDR is an ideal starting point, and our training program is second to none.

To learn more about our program and find out about our PDR training, please call us.

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