Devon Paint Protection

Who Needs Paint Protection?

Everyone! Just the act of driving your vehicle exposes it to a wide range of potential hazards. Stones, gravel, sand, road salt and other road debris constantly threaten physical harm to your vehicle’s finish. Bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays and air pollutants create chemical threats to your vehicle’s finish even when parked.

Worse yet, left unattended, this damage can spread and make your vehicle an eyesore that you will take no pride in driving. Repairing this neglected damage will be expensive and inconvenient.

Why not take preventative action to maintain your vehicle’s finish?

What Are My Options?

You can shop around on your own for solutions, but you may soon feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of products available in the marketplace, and, honestly, it’s hard to determine which brands offer the best protection for your vehicle’s finish and which are a waste of your hard-earned money.

Here are the facts. Two preferred methods exist that will maintain your finish: 1) paint protective film, commonly known as PPF, and 2) ceramic coatings.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film is an essentially invisible urethane film that bonds to your vehicle’s exterior finish. It sits atop the paint layer, safeguarding your car from physical impacts that cause paint damage.

The 2 major manufacturers of PPF are 3M and XPEL. Both XPEL Ultimate and 3M Paint Protection films are self-repairing, which ensures that even if the protective barrier is breached, the product will be able to restore its protective properties.

Paint protection film is relatively simple to install (many people install it themselves) and it offers excellent protection from physical damage. 3M and XPEL paint protection is available in pre-cut sheets. Most manufacturers provide a lifetime service warranty.

Ceramic Coatings

Unlike PPF, ceramic coatings require professional installation. It is a polymer based liquid that
binds chemically to your vehicle’s paint. Ceramic coatings form a hydrophobic layer that sheds water and keeps dirt, grime, and grease from sticking to your vehicle’s finish. It is extremely its high candy gloss shine and the ease it brings to washing the vehicle. The dirt, grease and grime practically slide off the finish.

Ceramic coatings provide superior UV protection, and acidic compounds are blocked by the layer of chemical protection ceramic coatings afford. Paint fading and staining are halted in their tracks!

Both Sound Great! How Do I Choose?

Actually, you don’t have to choose. Why not get both? The professionals at PDR Canada in Devon can provide you with a professional installation of PPF, topped off with a ceramic coating. Working in concert, they provide unrivalled protection for your vehicle’s finish.

Do the Combo!

First, we apply an essentially unnoticeable, self-healing 3M paint protection urethane film on the vulnerable areas of your vehicle such as front-end bumper, rocker panels, fenders and hood. This is followed by the skilled application of a premium quality ceramic coating, right over the PPF.

The result is a vehicle finish that can handle anything the road and the environment sends its way.

Add window tinting, and you will be the talk of Devon!

Canada PDR—the Best Paint Protection in Devon, Alberta

It’s true! And our paint protection services feature a life-time warranty to give you total peace of mind.

While we mainly deal with 3M and XPEL products, we can substitute for your preferred brand if you have one in mind. We prioritize our customers’ complete satisfaction and we make every effort to provide customers with the best possible service. We also can connect you with other car services, such as window tinting and steam cleaning.

Contact your Devon Paint Protection Specialist by email or telephone. Leave us your name and e-mail address, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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