Chestermer PDR Training

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a non-traditional technique used in repairing small to medium-sized dents, dings, and creases commonly found on vehicles of all types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles. PDR can be used on steel, aluminum, and aluminum alloys.

In the past, most vehicle owners accepted these dents, dings, and creases as a fact of vehicle ownership. Rarely was any consideration given to repairs because traditional methods were prohibitively expensive for such limited damage.

With the advent of PDR, attitudes have changed. The cost of repairing dents, dings, and creases is now within the budget of a majority of vehicle owners. Unsurprisingly, demand for PDR has exploded, and firms offering the service are becoming overwhelmed because there are not enough trained PDR technicians to meet demand.

The PDR Process

PDR requires that a highly skilled technician examines the dent and assess the likelihood of a successful outcome using the PDR method. If the decision is a go, the reverse side of the dent must be made accessible. This can mean removing components, such as taillights or door panels. When this has been done, the technician can plan the repair and select the specialized tools and equipment required for the job. The last step is the actual completion of the work.

While this may sound simple, it is not. There is enormous technical skill involved, not to mention experience. PDR is both art and science. Once mastered, this method can provide flawless, undetectable repairs for vehicle owners.

You Can Get PDR Training if you’re from Chestermer

If this sounds like an interesting career, one that you would like to pursue, then you will be happy to know that PDR Canada is offering its training program to Chestermer.

Although there is no license requirement for performing PDR services, you understand that prospective customers will want some validation of your ability to do this work. Apart from the fact that training is absolutely necessary, it also makes good business sense.

What to Look for in Your PDR Training Program

There are several PDR training courses and programs available throughout Canada, some of which are better than others. Just don’t make the mistake of making a choice based on the tuition cost. You can pay outrageous fees for poor training just as you can pay low fees for poor training.

What you must look for in your choice of training programs is quality! To determine quality, you need to do your homework, vet the program, and be assured that it offers you every opportunity to succeed. Your reward will be a successful, stable, high-earning career.

Points to consider are class size; do they employ well-trained and experienced instructors, do they offer personalized attention, hands-on training, and the opportunity to work on a wide range of vehicle makes and models?

Read reviews and find out if they provide access to their graduates so you can see how the program benefited their career.

Pick PDR Canada

Naturally, we hope you will choose PDR Canada. Our PDR training is second to none. Of course, you will learn that in the course of your research.

Why not call us today? PDR Canada will put you on the path to a stable, successful, high-paying career today. A phone call is that first step!

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