Camrose Paint Protection

Who Should Get Paint Protection?

Whenever you drive your car, you expose it to all sorts of small hazards that can wear out the paint layer.

Some things, like stone chips, will wear away at your paint on the front-end bumper, while others, like bird droppings or road salt, will cause chemical paint wear. Ultimately, these chips and scratches will develop, and your automobile will appear a lot more aged and uglier than it should.

Your only choice to fix this damage is vehicle detailing, which is time-consuming and expensive. Whether you have a new car or truck or want to preserve your existing car’s value, you’ll need to find an inexpensive and trustworthy way to safeguard your car.

Luckily, brand names like 3M, XPEL, and Clear Bra have comprehensive paint protection solutions.

What Are My Automotive Paint Protection Options?

You might rapidly feel overwhelmed with a large number of items available on the market if you start shopping around for methods to protect your paint.

It is challenging to inform which ones benefit your automobile and which ones are a waste of your cash.

In summary, the two most common methods to keep your automobile looking like new are paint protection film and ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or PPF, is a practically invisible urethane film that attaches to your car’s outside. It sits on top of the paint layer, safeguarding your automobile from physical impacts that cause paint chips. It also stops chemicals from reaching the paint layer, preventing stains and UV fading.

The two significant manufacturers of PPF available in Camrose, Alberta, are 3M and XPEL. Both XPEL Ultimate and 3M Paint Protection films are self-repairing, ensuring that even if stone chips make it through the protective material, they will patch the hole in time. The primary advantage of using paint protection film is that it’s easy to install, secures your vehicle from chemical and physical damage, and is relatively simple to remove when the time comes.

A lot of brands also provide a lifetime guarantee on their protection films. 3M and XPEL paint protection come in pre-cut sheets for you to apply to your car at home. For this reason, our most popular item is the 24″ bumper and hood protection sheets since anybody can handle installing them.

Ceramic Coatings

Which One to Utilize?

A ceramic coating requires expert application since it starts as a liquid polymer that binds to your car or truck’s paint.

The coating forms a hydrophobic layer that will shed water and keep dirt from sticking to your car when it dries.

Many people discover themselves cleaning their vehicles less frequently thanks to these finishings.

When exposed to UV or acidic components, ceramic also adds a layer of chemical protection and will prevent your automobile from fading or staining.

Which One to Use?

It is essential to keep in mind that while both choices provide excellent protection, paint protection film and ceramic coats have various usages. The primary reason to apply a ceramic coat is to get the hydrophobic layer that keeps your car and truck clean.

Given that the ceramic coating layer is much thinner than paint protection film, it does not provide you with the same damage defense. If you desire to avoid problems like scratches and chips, you will need to install paint protection film.

Luckily, the two are not mutually unique to each other. You can use a ceramic coat and paint protection film and get the very best of both worlds.

Our Combination Bundle for Every Camrose Vehicle

Our typical paint protection approach is to apply an undetectable, self-healing 3M paint protection urethane film on susceptible sections of your vehicle.

These include the front-end bumper, rocker panels, fenders, and hood. We then use a protective layer of ceramic polymer over the 3M Paint Protection and the automobile. The result is an automobile that can manage small scratches, stand up to physical and chemical damage.

The vehicle becomes easy to tidy and looks terrific. Add some window tinting, and you will be the talk of Camrose.

Get the very best Paint Protection in Camrose, Alberta

To get the finest protection for your vehicle in Camrose, contact PDR Canada.

Our finishings include a lifetime warranty to assure you. While we primarily deal with 3M and XPEL items, please call us if you have a particular film brand you’d prefer to use. We focus on complete customer satisfaction and strive to give every consumer the finest service possible. We also refer you to other vehicle services, including window tinting and steam cleaning.

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