Beaumont PDR Training

What is PDR?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is an innovative automobile body repair technique used to repair small dents, such as hail damage. It is a budget-friendly way to restore a vehicle’s finish without breaking the bank, which is why the technique is gaining popularity with customers.

The PDR Process

Any shop providing PDR will have its own version of the process, which involves the use of specialized tools to eliminate dents and other minor cosmetic damage by tactically massaging the metal back into its original contours. The process can include the use of hammers to remove the damage from the interior.

The fundamental difficulty with PDR is getting your hand and the tool in a position to repair the damage without causing additional damage. That is why we use a data-driven procedure that uses information gathered on previous jobs to locate the ideal placement for our tools.

Why Do You Have to take a Training Course?

There is no mandate for official certification prior to offering paintless dent removal services, however, clients often inquire about accreditations and experience before bringing their vehicle to your business for repair.

A comprehensive PDR course is a vital asset, particularly if it offers more than training in the use of PDR tools. PDR is an art, and a science. You need to learn how each tool affects different vehicle designs before you can produce factory finish outcomes.

If you want to guarantee your customer’s complete satisfaction, and survive in this competitive industry, proper training is essential. An initial training course will not get you there, however it is a fantastic start.

Our training data proves that the very best paid and most effective dent professionals take part in ongoing courses to keep current with the most recent auto industry techniques and developments.

How to Choose the Best Paintless Dent Repair Training Available in Beaumont

If you’d rather not travel halfway across Canada to learn these techniques and skills, there are quality training courses available to Beaumont that allow you complete your PDR training, and work at the same time.


Much like an apprenticeship, it is best to learn your PDR skills from those who’ve had hands-on experience. Clearly, before you register for any course, you need to look at the business’s bio and reviews. A little research can save a lot of grief. You should determine if:

  • Do they have a seasoned service team?
  • Are their customers pleased with their experience?
  • Are you impressed with their PDR results?

Speak with the PDR trainers and see how they present themselves. These people will teach you, so they need to be friendly, knowledgeable, and excited to pass on their experience.

PDR Training Expense

Too many people look do not look beyond the cost of PDR training courses and select the one that is the least expensive. This is a mistake! Remember the adage, “You get what you pay for.” Choosing a low-budget PDR training class risks receiving low-quality results.

Inexpensive courses may be adequate to discover the various PDR tools and equipment, but it will not show you the strategies required to deliver flawless dent repairs. If you want to work for high-end companies and provide first-rate service, you need something more intensive and personalized.

Find training courses that provide small classes and a great deal of detail regarding the course. See if it is possible to speak with previous trainees and learn whether they have moved on to success in the field.

Choose PDR Canada!

PDR Canada is a dent repair and PDR training business specializing in restoring a broad range of vehicles. We offer our trainees the opportunity to train with high-quality tools and we help them gain a thorough understanding of paintless dent repair on a variety of vehicles. We also keep registry of our previous students to demonstrate how our training has advanced their dent repair professions.

Call today for more information about our PDR training and service.

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