Beaumont Paint Protection

Who Needs Paint Protection?

Simply driving your vehicle exposes it to a variety of hazards that can degrade the finish. Small stones, sand, gravel, road salts, and road debris represent a continuous assault force, attacking your vehicle’s paint. Vehicles at rest are also under assault. Bird droppings, tree sap, polluted air, hail, and more. They continually take their toll on your vehicles finish. Chemical erosion and freeze/ thaw cycles are a fact of life, and they assail your vehicles finish in their own surreptitious way.

Over time, if this damage is unaddressed, your vehicle’s appearance will deteriorate. Your vehicle will appear much older than its years. In short, uglier than it could have otherwise been. Repairing this damage after the fact will be a costly and time-consuming prospect.

The monetary investment you have made in your vehicle is substantial. A vehicle purchase is likely to be the second largest single expense you incur in your lifetime, second only to the purchase of your home. Doesn’t it make sense to protect that investment? Whether new or used, don’t you want to preserve your current automobile’s value? Of course you do! However, you’ll need to find a cost-effective and trustworthy method to do that. Thankfully, brand names like 3M, XPEL, and Clear Bra have outstanding paint protection solutions.

What Are My Options?

As you begin your search for paint protection options, you may feel overwhelmed by the enormous variety in the marketplace. How can you know which ones are effective and which are just a waste of money?

Here are the facts. Only two paint protection solutions have been proven effective in maintaining your vehicle’s finish. They are paint protective film and ceramic coating.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is an almost invisible urethane film applied to your vehicle’s exterior. It rests on top of the paint layer, protecting your automobile from the physical damage that cause chips and scratches. It also effective in preventing chemical attacks and moisture from reaching the actual paint layer, preventing fading, corrosion, and rust caused by freeze/thaw cycles.

The principal manufacturers of PPF are 3M and XPEL. Both XPEL Ultimate and 3M Paint Protection films are self-repairing. This means that in the event of the film’s breach, its physical and chemical properties allow it to self-heal and continue its function, which is the protection of your vehicle’s finish.

The chief advantage of using paint protection film is its relative ease of application, and the high level of protection it provides for your vehicle’s finish from both physical and chemical damage. Importantly, it is easily removed when its service life has ended. No worries, though! Most brands provide a lifetime service warranty on their protection films. Replacement won’t cost you a cent.

3M and XPEL paint protection is available in pre-cut sheets, which you can apply to your vehicle at home. For this reason, do-it-yourselfers prefer our 24″ hood and bumper protection sheets, because almost anyone can install them.

What about Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are actually liquid polymers that bind to your vehicle’s paint, however, a ceramic coating requires expert application. The coating forms a hydrophobic layer that will shed water and prevent dirt from sticking to your vehicle’s finish. People that choose this product find themselves cleaning their vehicles less frequently, thanks to its unique properties.

Ceramic coatings also provide a layer of chemical defense that will keep your car free from fading or staining, while also protecting against the destructive effects of UV light and acidic substances.

Which One to Buy?

While either product provides exceptional protection, paint protection film and ceramic coatings have different aims. For example, ceramic coatings are mainly used to get that hydrophobic layer which keeps your vehicle clean.

A ceramic coating is much thinner than paint protection film, and does not provide the same level of protection as PPF against chipping and scratching. If your aim is to avoid these issues, then you will need to install paint protection film.

Happily, these two options are not mutually exclusive. You can apply a ceramic coat to paint protection film and get the of both worlds.

Our Combination Bundle for every Beaumont Vehicle

Our preferred paint protection technique consists of applying a virtually unnoticeable, self-healing 3M paint protection urethane film on the sections of your vehicle most vulnerable to physical hazards, typically the hood, fenders, rocker panels, and front bumper.

Once installed, we follow up with a high-quality ceramic polymer on top of the 3M Paint Protection and, and, of course, all remaining surfaces. The result is a fully protected finish that can stand up to virtually all hazards to your vehicles finish. The end result is a vehicle with a high gloss (candy coat) shine, that is virtually impervious to the hazards earlier described.

With the addition of window tinting, you will be the talk of Beaumont!

Get the Finest Paint Protection in Beaumont, Alberta

The finest paint protection solution for your vehicle is available to you in Beaumont, through PDR Canada, where you get total peace of mind with our life time guarantee.

We work with the 3M and XPEL brands, however if you have a specific film brand name or product preference, we are happy to accommodate you. Our aim is customer satisfaction! We can also connect you with other automobile service providers for window tinting and steam cleaning.

Protect your valuable investment today! Contact your Beaumont PDR Canada representative via email or telephone and be on your way to peace of mind. Just leave us your name and e-mail address, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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