Because PDR is so effective for hail damage, many insurance companies use PDR Canada as an answer to their repair needs. PDR Canada is contracted to follow hail storms and delivers expert repairs on vehicles belonging to Dealerships, Rental agencies and auctions.

PDR Canada technicians use specialized tools to bring the dented area back into its original shape from behind the dent. The back of the panel is usually accessed by removing the inner panels.

In most cases, the area of metal located around the outside edge of the dent in slowly massaged back into its original shape. The dent progressively gets smaller as our PDR technician works from the outside edge and eventually the dent blends with the texture of the paint and disappears completely. See our Before and After gallery. (Link to that page)

PDR Canada offers mobile service to our clients and can in many cases have the job done within the same day. Prices vary depending on the location and complexity of the repair.

Please contact one of our Advanced PDR Technicians today if you have any questions.

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